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Ohana means family!

Great line from Lilo & Stich. But this Hawaiian word means more than just family. “Ohana” is family, community, a sense of belonging, but it’s at the same time much more than these words can express. There is no Paradise … Continue reading

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When you move, move for real

“We were prepared for change when we moved from Denmark to Australia. The change we were totally unprepared for was the move from one place to another within Denmark!” — Rolf & Jane The Expat Earth Interview Series #1 Rolf … Continue reading

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Stepping out of your comfort zone? – expats do it daily!

“What’s the fuss?” I heard a speech the other day about “stepping outside of our comfort zone”. It is said that we need to do that in order to learn and grow. I do agree with that. It just struck … Continue reading

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Blogging your experience – what’s in an expat blog?

Expat Earth is one month old. Yay! It’s been a month of blogging for the big public now as opposed to “just” blogging for family and friends. Wherever we’ve been in our expat experience during the past 5 or so … Continue reading

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Any benefits of moving abroad for expat kids?

Uprooting the family, creating expat kids We already talked about the reasons for moving abroad; money or adventure, a better life or a career choice. Whatever the reason, when you’re moving abroad with kids, the decision no longer has an … Continue reading

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Yes, it will be Christmas! abroad once again …

Christmas abroad: still same as always As a follow-up to my first Christmas post, I thought I’d round off our holiday theme here on Expat Earth with this short post. We’re done with Christmas shopping now: All the presents are … Continue reading

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Moving abroad as a spouse – thoughts before the big move

What is a spouse moving abroad thinking? I had never seen myself as only or mainly “a spouse”, but I quickly learnt the term. Not being the main character of the move, but rather the accompanying spouse on the sideline, … Continue reading

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The beginning

Expat – what’s that? What were we thinking?!  Our daughter was only 2 years old – surely the grandparents would never forgive us. Our friends would never understand it. We were only students, and students don’t become expats – do … Continue reading

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