Ohana means family!

Great line from Lilo & Stich. But this Hawaiian word means more than just family. “Ohana” is family, community, a sense of belonging, but it’s at the same time much more than these words can express.

There is no Paradise on Earth…

Seems like there is always something to complain about wherever you go, right? In Hawaii we dealt with the mosquitoes and the humidity that crippled our books. In Santiago de Chile we endured the heavy smog. In the Canary Islands we dreaded the kalima (the winds from Sahara, carrying ultra-fine sand). So is there no paradise without thorns then?

They say that the only Hell is what your mind makes for you. Likewise, don’t we make our own Paradise?

We are Ohana…

But what does this personal Paradise look like? For us, it includes being together, being a family. Ohana. Every place we’ve lived, we have managed to create our own Paradise by creating physical and mental space for the family to thrive. And that is something that’s included in the word “ohana” – but of course we didn’t know that before we came to Hawaii.

Living in Hawaii taught us gratefulness and humbleness, it taught us to appreciate graciousness and calmness. In Hawaii we experienced nearness to nature, harmony with ourselves and our surroundings. It taught us love for thy next. Not only as an empty phrase, or for abstract causes, but for any real person you come into contact with. The experience showed us the importance of Ohana – and made us realize how far away we were from our own (extended) family. Being together, as a family, sharing these wonderful experiences, made the bond between us stronger. We feel we can face anything now, that we’ll be together and be there for each other. We’re Ohana.

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