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Yes, it will be Christmas! abroad once again …

Christmas abroad: still same as always As a follow-up to my first Christmas post, I thought I’d round off our holiday theme here on Expat Earth with this short post. We’re done with Christmas shopping now: All the presents are … Continue reading

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Moving abroad as a spouse – thoughts before the big move

What is a spouse moving abroad thinking? I had never seen myself as only or mainly “a spouse”, but I quickly learnt the term. Not being the main character of the move, but rather the accompanying spouse on the sideline, … Continue reading

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Will it ever be Christmas?

Real Christmas? I grew up in Denmark, where winters are cold and wet … and Christmas is celebrated indoors with a real tree, rich and fat food, and the big event takes place on the 24th of December. When we … Continue reading

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Why make the big move? Adventure or career?

Big move, but why? Good question. Why? Why make the big move abroad? Why uproot yourself and your family? Why take the risk? These are good questions to ask yourself (and your family in case you’re not alone). Needless to … Continue reading

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The beginning

Expat – what’s that? What were we thinking?!  Our daughter was only 2 years old – surely the grandparents would never forgive us. Our friends would never understand it. We were only students, and students don’t become expats – do … Continue reading

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